Garden Log – Week of 4/5

Lots of things going on, and going on in my head - it's nice to have a yard or garden to futz with to help your brain simultaneously "put the glass of water down" as well as process and ponder all the things going on. And nothing like a garden to remind you it's always … Continue reading Garden Log – Week of 4/5

Project Site: Willow Bed

Sometime at the end of this month or early May (because reasons), I will have five varieties of willow showing up, 30 cuttings total: Salix purpurea #187 (10 cuttings) - linkSalix purpurea 'Green Dicks' (5 cuttings) - linkSalix purpurea x daphnoides (5 cuttings) - linkSalix 'Americana' (5 cuttings) - linkSalix fragilis 'Belgium Red' also sometimes known as … Continue reading Project Site: Willow Bed

Hard Lessons in Hardware Cloth

This week as I've been checking my garden beds, I noticed that some bulbs were starting to sprout and others weren't and grew concerned. Finally deciding to investigate further, I had to kick myself: hardware cloth. Last season when I was planting all the bulbs, I created little hardware cages with removable tops for most … Continue reading Hard Lessons in Hardware Cloth

Project Site: North-East Garden Bed

The North-East Garden Bed flanks the front right side of the house, March 2021. This garden bed is probably what people would refer to as a "COVID-19 Quarantine" project. Though to me, it isn't... Originally I had intended to do SOMETHING the year before, but right before it was consistently warm enough to start in … Continue reading Project Site: North-East Garden Bed