Garden Log, end of May

Not much got done in the way of gardening between May 23-28, so this week's log is extending to include Memorial Day Weekend. Saturday and Sunday nights of Memorial weekend hinted at a possible last frost, which thankfully did not come to my location. Memorial Day Monday wound up being perfect for getting seedlings into … Continue reading Garden Log, end of May


Garden Log, Week of 5/16

On Friday, I had the day off from work (being scheduled to work Saturday). While I usually spend time in the garden on these sort of days, I typically divide the time with errands and chores, but this week I did nothing but garden for 8 hours. It was WONDERFUL being out in the sun … Continue reading Garden Log, Week of 5/16

Garden Log, Week of 5/3

This week was mostly updating spreadsheets, research, buying and setting up things. Spreadsheets My spreadsheets listing plants in ground and seeds on hand was cleaned up and fleshed out. Having it all typed up, I felt impressed to see I currently have 42 different plants in ground! I also spent time combing through the pile … Continue reading Garden Log, Week of 5/3

Garden Log, Week of 4/26

Southeast Garden Bed At the start of the week, I installed the landscape fabric along the inside of the edging. This tactic was something I came up with when I put in the first wattle-woven edged bed, and I've had a whole year to see it was a good solution to keep the soil from … Continue reading Garden Log, Week of 4/26

Garden Log, Week of 4/19

Willow Bed The first batch of Willow arrived! Ten cuttings of #187. I stored the cuttings in the coldest part of the fridge as directed and during the week purchased the black plastic landscape fabric that was recommended. Friday I laid it down and pinned it, and got the cuttings into the ground and deep … Continue reading Garden Log, Week of 4/19

Project Site: Willow Bed

Sometime at the end of this month or early May (because reasons), I will have five varieties of willow showing up, 30 cuttings total: Salix purpurea #187 (10 cuttings) - linkSalix purpurea 'Green Dicks' (5 cuttings) - linkSalix purpurea x daphnoides (5 cuttings) - linkSalix 'Americana' (5 cuttings) - linkSalix fragilis 'Belgium Red' also sometimes known as … Continue reading Project Site: Willow Bed

Hard Lessons in Hardware Cloth

This week as I've been checking my garden beds, I noticed that some bulbs were starting to sprout and others weren't and grew concerned. Finally deciding to investigate further, I had to kick myself: hardware cloth. Last season when I was planting all the bulbs, I created little hardware cages with removable tops for most … Continue reading Hard Lessons in Hardware Cloth