Spring *IS* On the Way

In the Midwest, it may only be ‘Fool’s Spring,’ but it’s still super encouraging to see some of the bulbs I planted in fall start to sprout.

English Bluebells and Snowdrops

The mix of English Bluebells and Snowdrops I planted beneath the pine trees in the front yard are off to a strong start. Beneath the blanket of pine needles, there are even more sprouts to be seen. I pulled off the hardware cloth I laid over the top of the planting site in fall to keep squirrels out, but re-covered the smaller sprouts with the pine needles. If this batch fairs well, I’ll probably order LOTS more bulbs and do a mass mixed planting all around the base of the pine trees.

Big Impact Allium Mixture

So far I’ve been able to identify three sprouts of my “Big Impact Allium” bulbs. This is the biggest one of the three. They’re located in the North-East front perennial bed. This one is located between the gap of hollyhocks/foxgloves and the sweetpea trellis.

Sweetpeas – Perennial Blend

I didn’t get to enjoy the Sweetpeas at all last year, I started too late in the season. So I’m super pleased to see several hardy little tendrils surrounding the branch trellis having made it through the winter under the mulch of fall leaves. I do plan to add a few more Sweetpea plants to fill the gaps, but they are of the annual variety.

This morning’s sun coaxed me out of the house for a walkabout the yard, but the temp was super brisk at 19*F. I love my walks around the yard, inspecting plants, and thinking about projects. Now that I’ve gotten off the fence about starting a blog, I also used the opportunity to take pictures of the various “project sites” to post and share about. I’m feeling a little more enthusiastic about the blog as being a meaningful thing as I think it will help me better organize my thoughts and goals about various projects I want to do as I work toward this ‘vision’ of what I want for our yard.

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