Wotsitlooklike – April 2021

All photos snapped on April 15, 2021.

Alliums – Big Impact Mix. Buds are starting to appear on some of the plants.
Asters, Fall – Days Blue. Still looks dead as a doornail. No sign of life yet.
Beardtongue – “Harlequin Magenta.” Add dead leaves/wood pruned back.
Bellflower – “Pristar White.” Actually beginning to question if this is really my bellflower, or if its been replaced with a weed changeling. We shall see.
Betony – “Pink Cotton Candy.” Clipped off last season’s spent flower stalk.
Bluebells – English (the plants with 2-long leafed sprouts)
Butterfly Bush – “CranRazz” with last season’s spent flower pruned off.
Canterbury Bells – Cup & Saucer (sown indoors 4/3)
Clematis – Viticella(?). Second-guessing the variety since blooms look like they’ll be coming on old wood. Will take close notes over this year to identify for sure.
Coral Bells – “Sweet Tart.” New little lime-colored leaves are popping up and little pink buds are starting to emerge!
Crocus, Fall blooming – Saffron
Daisies – Shasta. Direct sown seeds late summer 2020. Hopefully it flowers this year.
Echinacea – Purple Coneflower. Direct sown seeds late summer 2020.
Fair Maids of France. “Bulbs” (more like larger seeds) planted Oct 2020. The hardwire mesh is 1/4″ for scale.
Foxglove – Dalmatian Peach. Appears that it has successfully self-seeded a new plant from last season’s plant that flowered last summer?
Foxglove – another Dalmatian Peach. This second plant purchased last summer, but has not yet flowered now looks like it has three distinct rosettes.
Foxglove – Gloxiniiflora blend. Direct sown by seed last summer 2020.
Geranium – “Bloody Cranesbill.” Curious to see if this grows or flowers this year.
Hollyhock – Summer Carnival Mix. Direct sown seed last year summer 2020.
Hostas. No longer invisible! This year I’m going to try to beat the slugs to the punch and surround the Hostas and Hollyhocks with coffee grounds from local coffee shops.
Hyacinths – French Perfume Mix. All in full bloom and as fully fragrant as promised.
Hydrangea – “Endless Summer.” I pruned it a wee bit, but we’ll see if I should have been more aggressive.
Larkspur – Giant Imperial Mix. Sown indoors 4/3.
Lavender – Munstead. Recently pruned back. Really happy to see how happy and thriving it’s been in its spot.
Nepeta – Cat Mint. #THRIVING
Peonie – Sarah Bernhardt. I thought for SURE they were no more, so I was SO EXCITED to find these little guys when I went to go pull the dead plants. I’ve been keeping them insulated with the leaves on colder nights.
Rose – “Climbing Peace.” Pruned WAAAAAY back. Will it FINALLY flower this year?!?
Rose – Gene Boerner (bush). Doing very well. Just wish it was in a more visible place to enjoy; but it’s so happy where it is, I’m hesitant to move it.
Rose of Sharon buds beginning to develop.
Rosemary. Supposedly, it’s not meant to have survived a winter… but it seemingly has!
Russian Sage. New leaves starting to emerge.
Snapdragons – Magic Carpet Blend. Sown indoors 4/3
“Early” Snowdrops. No blooms so far. I’ve been told they may not bloom at all this year, but perhaps in their second year and onward.
Speedwell – Veronica “Venice Blue.”
Stonecrop – Sedum “Autumn Joy”
Strawflower – Giant Swiss Blend. Sown indoor 4/3
Sweetpeas – Perennial Blend (looking a smidge unruly). I need to double check at what point I start pinching them to encourage growth. I think they’re close but not there yet.
Tulip – “Angelique.” all plants have these buds. I’m so excited and eager to see them bloom!

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