Wotsitlooklike – May 2021

Photos snapped on May 14-15, 2021.

Allium – Big Impact Mix. Buds are gaining height! And buds are just starting to form on the last two of the eight.
Astilbe. This plant gave me confidence in the power of pruning. I remember it was just overtaken by rust some years back, and I sheared it down to the ground (not knowing what I was doing), but CLEARLY it was the right thing to do, and it has been healthy and lovely ever since.
Astilbe flower fronds(?) starting to form.
Beardtongue – “Harlequin Magenta.” Regrowth is slow.
Bellflower – “Pristar White.” Remember that picture I posted last month? Was a weed. Now that it’s been ripped out, here’s the actual bellflower as of this month.
Betony – “Pink Cotton Candy” has perked up since we saw it last! Lots of new leaf growth, and widening out.
Now that there is more growth, it’s easier to tell what’s what. THIS is an English Bluebell. The frond-bud thing is a HUGE help to identify the bluebells.
Butterfly Bush – “CranRazz” is starting to fill out.
Canterbury Bells – “Cup and Saucer” babies.
Catnip – (Nepeta) is CLEARLY the HAPPIEST plant in my garden. It’s already massive and thriving. It could swallow our cat, Sweetpea.
Chamomile – German. Fast growing babies! I am debating to transfer to ground or pots. Hopefully I can figure out how to actually use them to make my own tea.
Clematis – Viticella (still my best guess at variety). Looking much more green and leafy than last month.
Clematis – Viticella close up of new buds!
Purple Coneflower (Echinacea) has finally decided to join the party and be a little more forthcoming with its new greenery.
Coral Bells – this used-to-be-sad-little-mess-heap-of-a-plant is now competing with my catnip for the title of “happiest plant.” I no longer think the variety is “Sweet Tart,” I think it is “Paris.” Because I went to the local Lowes and they had this potted and I’m pretty sure it’s where the previous homeowners got their plants.
Crocus – Fall blooming Saffron. Still looks like long grass. Something tells me it’s going to keep looking like hippy hair until fall.
Shasta Daisies. Lotta leaves. Hopefully there will be as many blooms.
Fair Maids of France. Still tiny. I think they are one of the slowest, smallest growers. I’m on the fence about getting more until I see how they turn out in bloom.
Foxglove – Dalmatian Peach, self seeded.
Foxglove – Dalmatian Peach, this one (trio?!) is due to spike and flower this year. It’s interesting having variations of a plant, because this is much shorter than the Gloxiniiflora.
Foxgloves – Gloxiniiflora blend. Wee little babes. Just think: this time next year, they’ll be as big as the following picture! (I need to do some thinning out.)
Foxgloves – Gloxiniiflora blend. Trying to muscle their way to the “HAPPIEST PLANT” title. I might be rooting for them. Hard to believe these were teeny little flecks of seed once upon a time…!
Geranium – Bloody Cranesbill. Green is a little more robust, and the plant is starting to spring up a bit. No signs of buds or flowers yet.
Hollyhock – Summer Carnival Mix. New little babies! I need to grow more…
Hollyhock – Summer Carnival Mix. GAZE UPON MY HOLLYHOCKS, UNTOUCHED BY SLUGS!!! Sown last year, this is the year these plants will spike and flower.
Hostas – Lancifolia. BEHOLD! THE LUSHNESS OF HOSTAS UNMOLESTED BY SLUGS! Plus, as you can see, I FINALLY figured out what variety I have.
Hyacinths – French Perfume Mix. What remains. All of the flowers have been cut and enjoyed or given to friends. I have to look up whether I leave the remaining greens as is or cut back, and if so, when.
Hydrangea – Endless Summer. More leaves coming in!
Larkspur – Giant Imperial Mixed babies. So far only two seedlings have made it this far. :-/
Lavender – Munstead (English). Growing back very nicely after it’s recent trim. I came across the picture from when I first bought it, and it has easily doubled it’s spread since last year.
Lobelia – Crystal Palace seedlings. In need of some thinning out.
Meadow Sage – two varieties: East Friesland (deep purple in back) and New Dimension Rose (magenta pink in foreground). Just purchased this month, not yet in ground; determining placement.
Meadowsweet – just purchased this month. Also figuring out placement.
Oregano – common. Sprouts!
Peonies – Sarah Bernhardt. Both plants are doing AMAZINGLY this time around. My first go-round trying these very same pieces of bareroot in another location came to hardly anything, so to relocate them, see them pretty much die what looked like a horrible death, and come back to this is just astounding to me. I’m most excited to see how these two turn out this year. I finally added back the handmade plant supports.
Peonies – Sarah Bernhardt. Overhead view, so you can see some of the larger buds beginning to form.
Rose, Climbing – Climbing Peace. Not yet climbing, but with the more severe pruning I did earlier this season, I am glad to see MUCH HEALTHIER growth.
Rose of Sharon Tree – little green tufts showing! Photo taken during ‘golden hour’ at start of sunset.
Rose Shrub – Gene Boerner. Lots of fresh growth and lots of buds are already beginning to form. This plant from Aldi has never disappointed.
Rose Shrub – Gene Boerner. A close up of the multi-colored leaves. So far everything looks healthy and happy.
Rose Shrub – Grace N’ Grit. Purchased this month in memory of Gram.
Rosemary – common. My most hearty little herb – new growth is starting to make an appearance.
Russian Sage – POOF! Suddenly there is more foliage since last month.
Snapdragon – looks like I need to do a third round of thinning. And they are all gaining such height for little seedlings!
Snowdrops – the light green two-leafed plant in the middle. No sign of flower buds. Maybe next year? The Snowdrop in this picture is flanked on either side by the bluebells.
Sorrel – Bloody Dock. An edible plant, I received two pots this month from a friend. Need to determine where to place… Hmmm…
Speedwell – Venice Blue. The protective leave mulch and weight of snow or frost had this looking a little tamped down, but now the plant has become more erect. I’m looking forward to seeing flowers this year!
Stonecrop – Autumn Joy Sedum. Already a bit wider than last year when first planted. I wonder how many flower stalks I’ll see this year… (It was just one last year)
Strawflower – Giant Swiss Blend seedlings. Only a small handful sprouted of what was planted. I may direct sow more outside. I am very curious to see these blooms in person!
Sweetpeas – Perennial blend. So much more growth this year, hardly any last year. Maybe this year I will get to see them climb and flower! They are so close together, but I can’t bring myself to thin out… but maybe relocate? Tricksy work, but I’ve done it before with the foxgloves.
Tempo Yellow Avens – purchased this month. I am so intrigued by their pink-to-yellow coloring!
Thyme – English. Wee babes. First time with this aromatic herb!
Tulip – Angelique. These bulbs produced many beautiful blooms, and I was surprised at the number of them and variation in size – as well as color! I was expecting more coral tones to appear, but the creamy whites and pinks are no less lovely!
Willow – #187. All cuttings and varieties of willow are sporting new growth! It’s interesting to already see variation in their leaf shapes.
Willow – Americana.
Willow – Belgian Red. (This is the one I’m most worried about/intimidated by!)
Willow – Daphnoides.
Willow – Green Dicks.
From the Wee Beastie’s craft-time at daycare. Make your guesses in the comments of what plant it will turn out to be, and/or make bets on how long it will last. I’m trying to give it it’s best shot as I’m keeping it watered, warm, and well-lit in the seedling house!

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